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Blood Tests

We offer hundreds of possible blood and urine tests, many with results available within a couple of days. Blood and urine tests can only be organised once you have had a consultation with a doctor. After assessing your concerns and symptoms, your doctor will advise you on the options for which tests are right for you.

Phlebotomy (blood taking) service is available to Your GP Circle patients with a trained nurse from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm at the clinic itself. You do not need to go anywhere externally, nor do you need to book a blood test appointment in advance. Yes – this means that on many occasions you can have a blood test soon after your appointment with the doctor, or when you can fit it around your busy schedule.

Any tests, including blood and urine tests, will have additional fees on top of the GP appointment. Different blood and urine test have different fees. We have negotiated with our partner laboratory to offer more value for money prices to our patients, when a few frequently grouped blood tests are done as a “profile” – e.g. STI screening profile, bone health profile, heart health profile, etc. Phlebotomy (blood taking) service is included in the cost of the blood test fees.

Your doctor will inform you of the recommended tests, and their relevant fees, before you make a decision to proceed with the test. Remember, at no point are you under obligation to have the tests your doctor recommends after assessing you. If you are not sure you can choose to think about it and decide in a few days. Or you can choose to go to your NHS GP to discuss having these tests through them. You are in control at every step.

We only offer phlebotomy (blood taking) service at the clinic itself for adults and children aged over 14 years old. If a child under 14 years of age requires a blood test your doctor can discuss the options of how this can be arranged externally to the clinic. If a child requires topical (on the skin) anaesthetic gel prior to the blood test to reduce the discomfort, please discuss this with your doctor at the appointment.

Children under 17 years of age must be accompanied by a consenting parent or guardian for all appointments, including blood tests.

Your Doctor will send you a secure email to your nominated email address with your test results. The results will be accompanied by a written explanation of what the results mean, and what your doctor recommends you do next (if anything).

Sometimes this may be that you require a follow up appointment if you need further treatment, further examination, or further detailed discussion. These follow up appointments may be either face to face or on the telephone.

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