We hope we can answer many of the questions you may have about Your GP Circle’s private GP service. If you still have further questions though, please feel free to call or write to us.

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Majority of the times the doctor can advise and provide the treatment for your health problem. However, if a referral for a specialist opinion is required then your doctor can make this referral if you wish.

Your GP Clinic is ideally placed in Sutton Medical Consulting Centre where several different consultants across different specialties also do private clinics. We can easily book you in to see one of these specialists quickly if you need in-house, or externally at any location, depending on your needs. If you have a specific specialist you would like to see let your doctor know.

Making a referral to a specialist is included in the GP consultation fees. However, each specialist has their individual consultation fees, that is payable directly to them. Your GP Circle has no financial or other collaborations with any specialists. So, you can be assured that your doctor would only recommend a referral to a specialist if they felt you would benefit from it, and you wanted it.

As a private GP service, we are not able to refer you directly into the NHS for blood tests, scans, investigations, or see specialists.

However, at no point are you under any obligation to continue with private treatment, investigations, or referrals, after your appointment. The choice is yours. You may decide to continue your journey through the NHS if you wish.

In this case we can provide you with a detailed Clinic Letter explaining our recommendations. Many find this helpful to discuss with their NHS GP about making subsequent referrals on the NHS.

You do not need a referral letter to see a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, or Psychologist privately. However, you do need a GP referral letter for all consultant specialist doctors (even if you wish to see them privately).

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