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Sick Notes, Letters & Forms

If you have been unfortunate enough to be unwell enough to be off from work, your employer or University may ask for a sick note. This can be for mental and physical health problems. Sick notes can also be referred to as Fit Note, Med 3 certificates, or Doctors Note.

During your consultation, your Doctor will assess and examine you, and the nature of your work. Provided that they agree that you would not be fit to work due to your current illness, they can provide a sick note to cover short periods of illness.

Like other private health providers, sick notes issued by Your GP Circle are not valid for social security or statutory sick pay purposes. Only a patient’s own NHS GP can issue NHS Fit Notes which are acceptable for such purposes.

Your Doctor will not be able to provide a retrospective sick note for an illness that occurred in the past not treated by them.

There are no additional charges for issuing sick notes as part of your appointment and GP consultation.

We are able to complete DVLA & HGV Medical examinations, when access to your medical records are not required. This has to be booked separately from a normal GP Consultation appointment.

However, several Insurance forms and various “Medicals” forms are better completed by your registered NHS GP. This is especially so if the form requires:

  • Completion only by your registered GP.
  • Access to your full medical records including past medical history, medications, etc.
  • Access to all hospital and consultant letters or discharge summaries.
  • Assessment for fitness to work or perform certain activities that need to be assessed by specifically trained Occupational Health doctors or Specialists.

For example, we are not able to complete Fitness to fly forms, Occupational health forms, Fostering forms, Travel insurance forms, University entry forms, etc.

If you have an Insurance or Medical form that you require completing, please email us an enquiry before booking the appointment to ensure that we are the right service for you.

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