We have been eagerly waiting to re-open our clinics so we can offer our patients Covid-19 antibody testing in Birmingham. Rest assured, our testing is not taking any resources away from the NHS.

We know that many people do not meet the criteria for Covid-19 antibody testing on the NHS. Or perhaps, by paying for a private Coronavirus Test, they would like to take some strain off the NHS. By offering increased testing for Covid-19, we hope this will contribute to people being able to take more control of their health and get back to their everyday lives more quickly.

We offer both types of Covid-19 Antibody Tests currently available:

Lab Abbott Covid-19 Antibody Test

Type of Test: Abbott antibody test, where blood will be drawn from a vein in the arm and sent to our laboratory.

What does it Test: Covid-19 IgG antibodies. A positive result confirms that you have had Covid-19 virus in the past, and have produced antibodies against it (an immune response)

Accuracy of Test: 100% Specificity and 99% Sensitivity for the presence of antibodies.

Is it an Approved Test: Yes. To date, for lab testing, only the antibody tests developed by Roche and Abbott have been approved by Public Health England. We use the Abbott test. It has also been given the CE mark confirming it complies with EU safety rules.

Turnaround Time for Results: 1-2 working days, results will be emailed to you directly.

When Can I Have It: 14 days or more following exposure or the start of Covid-19 symptoms.

Cost of Test: £150

Instant Covid-19 Antibody Test

Type of Test: Finger-prick instant Covid-19 antibody test.

What does it Test: Both Covid-19 IgM and IgG antibodies. When we get an infection, such as Covid-19, IgM is the first antibody to be produced. The presence of IgM is an indicator of early or recent infection. The presence of IgG is an indicator of later stage infection (usually 7 days or longer after infection), and indicates past infection. The IgG result is the important one.

Accuracy of Test: For IgG antibodies 99.5% Specificity and 100% Sensitivity.

Is it an Approved Test: This test is CE marked for Professional use only, confirming it complies with EU safety rules. The test is manufactured by SureScreen Diagnostics based in Derby.

Turnaround Time for Results: 10 minutes.

When Can I Have It: 14 days or more following exposure or start of Covid-19 symptoms.

Cost of Test: £110

What I Need to Know Before Testing

  • Coronavirus antibody testing is only used to check for past infection.
  • If you are concerned about current infection, you need a SWAB TEST. You can access this through the NHS Track and Trace system here.
  • Not everyone who is exposed to Covid-19 will produce antibodies. A lack of antibodies does not rule out the previous infection. Positive antibodies can confirm past infection.
  • What we know about Covid-19 is rapidly changing. Currently, there is not enough data proving that the Covid-19 antibodies you develop offer immunity, or prevent becoming infected again. However, we know with many other infections, the presence of antibodies usually indicates a level of immunity to the infection in the future. Scientists are still collecting data on this for Covid-19.
  • For this reason, regardless of the test result, you should continue to practice social distancing. Even if you have had a positive IgG antibody test you should self-isolate if you develop symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, or lack of smell/taste, and arrange a swab test through NHS Track and Trace as explained above.