Why Choose Your GP Circle?

Take control of what happens to your health, and when

Stay registered with your NHS GP

Experienced GPs, exceptional communication

Longer appointments, including evenings

Monday to Saturday, same day appointments

Book online any time

Face to face consultations

Doc Says free educational videos


We offer appointments Monday to Saturday including mornings and evenings. No need to register, or have health insurance. Easy telephone and online booking. No long waiting times for investigations and referrals.


Every person is different, and so are their needs. We listen, we care about your story, and we offer what is best for you – the way general practice should be. Your health is important, and you should have a choice to take control of what happens at every step.


Our GPs are experienced, thorough, and provide the highest standards of care. We strive for clinical excellence. We also share our expertise and knowledge with free educational videos, to help you look after your health even when you do not need us.

Are you ready To Take Control

What Our Patients Say

What Our Doc Says

Dr. Rahul & Dr. Neha are passionate about helping people take control of their health. This means looking after ourselves even when we are not ill, or understanding what we can do to self-manage common medical problems when we do get ill. Join them for free educational videos, top tips, and myth busters …



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