We believe you should have CONTROL and FLEXIBILITY when it comes to your Health. We have so many choices in all aspects of our life – then why not when it comes to seeing a GP and getting the right treatment when you need it.

The NHS is a fantastic service, and we are thankful for it. But we can also see there is a growing strain on the NHS – and it is having an increasing impact on the type of patient care that GPs can deliver within these constraints.

Your GP Circle brings together GPs who are thorough, and passionate about putting patients first. To listen to your story, rather than watch the clock. To go that extra mile to understand your concerns, and ensure you walk out with a better understanding of them. Giving you control to choose what happens to your health, and when.

It is our belief that this should be the way a GP service ideally should be.

Our Doctors

Dr. Rahul Sahay (MRCGP, MBBS) Co-Founder Your GP Circle

Hi, I am Dr. Rahul, one of the Co-Founders of Your GP Circle.

I completed my Medical training in 2005 (University of Birmingham) and then my GP training in 2010 from Dudley. Since 2010, I have been a GP Partner in an NHS GP Surgery with clinical and non-clinical responsibilities. I have a keen interest in Diabetes, Asthma and COPD management.

I am also an accredited GP Trainer, which involves GP Trainees / Doctors working alongside me for one year at a time whilst I help them to hone and develop their clinical skills as well as patient-communication skills. In relation to this, between 2010 to 2015, I used to run regular full day training courses for GP Trainees based around clinical and communication skills. Between 2012 and 2017, I also used to organise clinical educational meetings for my GP colleagues to ensure and enhance standards of care.

I always place a heavy emphasis on involving patients in their care and decisions about their care, so that they fully understand what is happening and have options.

Through Your GP Circle, our ultimate goal and mission is to give people control over their health, and offer them a personal and exceptional experience when they consult with our GPs.

On a personal note, I have spent most of my life in Birmingham, attending King Edwards School (Edgbaston) and then the University of Birmingham, and therefore this is home for me. Through the years, I have developed a wide network of close friends and colleagues.

My interests are cricket and rugby, and occasionally playing squash. Over the last one year, I have become addicted to Audiobooks, which make my car journeys much more enjoyable and productive! I especially enjoy listening to books about self-development and other people’s life stories and impact they have made in various walks of life.

I am very much a people person and love meeting new people. I find it fascinating how we are all so diverse and skilled in different ways, and each have something that can help so many other people.

I am married to Dr. Neha, who is also a Co-Founder of Your GP Circle. Together, we have beautiful, cheeky and boisterous twin girls!

Dr Neha Sahay MBBS, MPhil (Northern Institute for Cancer Research), MRCGP Co-Founder Your GP Circle

I grew up in sunny Sydney, Australia, and completed my Medical degree there in 2006 from University of New South Wales. After having worked in the Australian healthcare system for 2 years, I moved to UK in 2009 to pursue academia, research and a Masters degree.

I completed 1 year of clinical research in bladder cancer stem cells at Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University. My research findings were published in a scientific journal, and I received my Masters in Philosophy degree. My plans to return to Sydney to pursue a career in Oncology and research were overturned, however, and I fell quite in love with the lush English countryside, charming quaint little villages, and abundance of history and culture.

I moved to Birmingham and worked at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Oncology and Intensive Medicine for 1 year. However, I found that a hospital-based career was not for me, and I much more enjoyed the close and continuing interactions with patients that take place in General Practice. I completed my General Practice training in 2015 from Solihull, and have been working as a GP in the NHS since. I love the one on one interaction that comes with being a GP, and being able to be part of that person’s health journey.

I have also been working as a private GP since 2017, which has been very fulfilling as I can focus solely on my patient. However, I wanted to develop a private GP service that was honest, balanced and exceptional. Just like when I was living in Australia, we always had a choice of whether to see a private GP, or a Medicare (NHS equivalent) GP … then why not have this choice readily available here?

Together with my husband Dr Rahul Sahay, we have implemented these principles through Your GP Circle.

On a personal note, I have young twin daughters, and am enjoying discovering positive parenting with them. I love being close to nature. I am passionate about health and nutrition, and especially how our diet and lifestyle play a huge part in how we feel physically and emotionally. Travelling is what gets me excited, and music is my favourite way to relax.